Servo Worm Gear with Backlash Down to 1 arc Minute

Apex Dynamics has unveiled its latest motion control product – the JDLB series of high precision servo worm gear units.
With backlash down to 1 arc minute and aluminium alloy housing, the gearboxes have low noise and long service life.

It is available in different output shafts (solid shaft, hollow shaft and shrink disc), mounting positions, and input flange variants to match the required servo motor.

With a high output torque range of 9 Nm – 1000 Nm, the JDLB series offers an array of options to companies seeking enhanced motion control.
Servo worm gearboxes are suitable for planetary gearboxes, providing robust and precise torque control in a compact right-angled solution. They are particularly suited to applications which involve sudden changes in load or very heavy loads, and require smooth and stable operation.

The shock absorption and distribution features designed into the JDLB product range protect the gearbox and connected components, while reliability and precision reduce wear and tear on components and extend the lifespan of machinery. The closed structure and high performance synthetic lubricant mean the gearboxes are also maintenance free.

Available from Apex Dynamics UK’s automation division, with the company’s 5-year warranty, 3-4 week lead times, and guaranteed delivery, the JDLB series servo worm gear units come in a variety of 9 frame sizes from 025 to 110, two backlash variants (1 arc min and 2-4 arc min), and a range of gear ratios (10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100).

The light, compact worm gear units can be used in series, driven by one motor to achieve synchronous output of multiple worm wheels, making them ideal for applications such as parts processing equipment in the electronics or communication industries.

“We have managed to get backlash down to 1 arc minute for the most demanding applications, delivering minimal energy loss to industry applications where energy conservation and system efficiency is a key priority,” says Andrew Parsons of Apex.

First published in Electronics Weekly, read the original article here